I am open to full-time positions, preferably on small startups. Here's some useful links for you, oh-so-cool-and-good-looking potential employer! 😎 😘 🤑 😉


I’ve always been creating. from drawing and music to coding websites and creating concepts for all types of projects. my career as a designer begun as an autodidact, designing party brochures and t-shirts for friends, until finally deciding to study formally, graduating in 2011 as a print designer.

It took a couple of years but when I discovered the digital world and HTML & CSS, I was amazed at the limitless opportunities that space allowed, and so I worked constantly to sharp my coding skills and the learning all I could regarding what are digital products and how I could incorporate my previous experience to push me forward in this space. Now I’m in a place where I believe I can bring maximum value to my clients by going through the entire product cycle: from ideation, move into production, and then finally launch followed by continuous optimization.

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